Trusting the Unfolding
How to Fearlessly and Joyfully Navigate These Changing Times

Dolphin Meditations, Tools and Bonus

Below I provided your audio Bonus and eight audio tools that you can download onto your computer, phone or audio devices to use whenever you choose.

Check below for an extra inspirational bonus for you!

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Teleseminar: Trusting the Unfolding

To Download Dolphin Meditations Bonus:
This is a zip file and will show up on your Download File

To Download a Tool onto Your Computer:
W hen you pull it up, right click on the play button and then click on "save video as" and place it into a file of your choice

Facing Your Fear 6 min 45 sec
  Telosian Meditation 10 min
  Surrender with the Mother Whale 4 min
  Finding Balance with the Whales 13 min

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