Three-Session Teleseminar
Trusting the Unfolding
How to Fearlessly & Joyfully Navigate These Changing Times
with Trish Regan


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How to Fearlessly & Joyfully Navigate These Changing Times

Three ~90 minute Teleseminar classes
(including 9 audio tools for you)

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Some words from participants:
"wonderful" ... "powerful tools" ... "pure divine energy"
ent" ... "beautiful" ..."brilliantly bright light"

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...Are you feeling hopeless at times about this world in its seeming chaos?

...Do you hesitate to move to take the next step because of fear?

...Do you feel stuck and confused when faced with an important decision?

...Do you doubt your own inner guidance?

In this teleseminar, I share tools and meditations that will help you to find true resolution to these challenges and more

SESSION 1: Letting Go of Fear

SESSION 2: Power of Our Beliefs

SESSION 3: Wisdom from Dolphins & Whales

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In this teleseminar you will learn:
The truth about our existence as told to me by Spirit that has helped me to move into "radical trust."
How to easily process and clear fear and other limiting emotions from your body in a very short time.
How to move into the Light of All Possibility and out of the Old Matrix.
Meditations to help you move into trust.
How to make your moments 5th dimensional.
Letting go of attachments.
How to move into the Higher Mind to find the truth.
Choosing the timeline you wish to create.
Two affirmations that are very powerful for daily use.
What the dolphins taught me about trust.
Powerful messages from the whales about trust, surrender and allowing the unfolding.
Channeled messages from the Masters.
Time for your questions and interactive communication.
Some time for channeled messages from the Masters to your personal questions (dependent on time and number of participants).

Donation Requested:
I have been guided by my Higher Self to offer this powerful three-session Teleseminar as a service to humanity by donation for all who wish to enjoy it. Our shopping cart does not allow any variation of input, so here are your choices of donation:

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Nine Audio Tools are FREE
This Teleseminar includes nine audio tools that are free for anyone. See below more explanation of the tools. If you wish for the link for digital download of the tools ONLY (not the complete Teleseminar), please email Trish at

Donate here to receive the Teleseminar

This teleseminar
series includes many 2 to 10 minute short audio excersises and meditations that you can download onto your iPhone or iPad. These tools are for you to use in the moment to move you into the Light with inner peace, ease and grace and to help process those pesky doubts, fears or concerns that pop up from time to time during chaotic times.

I am happy to gift an 'mp3' link to my Dolphin Meditations CD and the Whale Meditation to all who are interested.. You will receive the link when you either donate for the complete Teleseminar or wish for the Tools only.

From Trish:

I AM FREE AT LAST! Please join me in this adventure to learn what I have learned about serene inner peace, letting go of fear and coming into true trust of the unfolding of our destiny in this monumental time of human evolution.

My personal journey, especially the last few years, has led me into a place of inner peace and joy that I always thought would take several lifetimes to achieve. I am here now ... and want to share many truths and processes that have helped me get here in hopes that they will help you too.

I will share with you many insights, visions and 'aha' moments that have shaped my current path of firmly trusting guidance and living in inner peace, trust and joy most of the time ... almost 100%! It feels like a miracle to me ... and I am guided to bring this wisdom and these tools to you after allowing myself to totally surrender to the "River of My Soul" in the last two years in an inward "mini-sabbatical." I went deep and quiet and found and surrendered to the FLOW.


"You have such a truly Beautiful, Sincere, Enthusiastic, Innocent, and Pure Divine Energy!! I just really enJoyed the whole Teleseminar. It was a beautiful blend of your personal sharing, tools and meditations, teaching, and channeling Divine Energies and Information. I really liked the Channeling session with the opportunity to ask personal questions. I am so grateful others will have the opportunity to receive your many gracious gifts! You and Doug have such a wonderful Presence and Radiate only Love. I have felt that since I met you years ago. Thank you both for being in this world, Shining your Light, and sharing your Love so others may find their way through the darkness into the Divine Light of Love and Joy!
Tempril Z.

"Thank you again for a great webinar – it was different from what I thought it was going to be about. I guess I was expecting a more ego-oriented approach, like what’s taught in “The Secret.” Thinking about what you want and then “changing your mind” through will power. I don’t find that very helpful as it’s not long-lasting. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised. Your wisdom seems to take it further into spirit. I learned ways to access sacred experiences that would then inch me toward a true belief that my soul/God is guiding me. The biggest question that you talked about and I am eager to sit with is: Am I ready to surrender to my soul? My answer is yes and I know your tools will help me get to that place of radical trust. The webinar really was wonderful, especially the channeling, which I had never experienced before."
Monica N
"Thank you so much for a wonderful Tele-seminar. I really appreciate your ability to take an overall theme, and with a few seemingly simple exercises, bring the abstract into the real experience of life. You are a powerful visionary, inspiring teacher and courageous role model demonstrating your profound practice of Radical Trust. Your meditations and processes are powerful tools to help us lift up into higher dimensional consciousness. I found your visualizations particularly powerful especially when you guided us to be with the whales and dolphins. I was transported into the special timeless zone I entered each time I'd swim in the bays of Hawaii. I also loved how you used your voice to affect the vibrational experience with your resonant toning. Even though we were using technology, still i felt the sound in my body as if we were in the same room. The effects of this experience are still unfolding. I hope may others take advantage of your excellent series."
Judith L.
"Thank you sooooooo much for sending a prayer for nob. Last night his sister emailed me saying his conditions got stabilized that surprised his doctor! Our prayers worked! Thank you. I feel like I am right in the middle of transforming/transitioning to new me, which is very exciting, but I needed a little push and encouragement from somebody, and I knew that that somebody was you when I saw your seminar info in email. Thank you, Trish, for being there for me. I love you very much. I totally forgot how soothing and comforting your voice was until I participated this seminar. You have a very smooth voice like orange/peach color that brightens space you’re in and also have a way of speaking that is with a gentle caressing and nurturing quality."
Sachiko H.
"I have known Trish Regan for 11 years and attended many of her Ascension with Dolphins and Whale Retreats as well as her Spiritual Mastery Retreats. I absolutely loved her teleseminar! She is always guided to bring through the highest vibrational Beings to assist us to face our challenges with confidence and support. I especially connected with St. Germain during this time of great transformation. I love listening to Trish’s meditations that are so heartfelt, healing, helpful, and joyful! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
Rayna L.
Trish is a Spiritual Intuitive and co-founder of Dolphin\Spirit of Hawaii offering dolphin and whale swim retreats in Hawaii and the Kingdom of Tonga. She is author of the book series Essential Joy: Finding It, Keeping It, Sharing It. She also offers Into the Light Soul Readings, Core Light Activations, Guided Meditations, Inspirational Spiritual Workshops, DVDs and shares inspirations in her blog

Trish Regan
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